Ecology announces the adoption of the Better Brakes Rule!

In 2010, Washington became the first state to pass legislation regulating the content of brake friction materials. The Better Brakes Law, Chapter 70.285 Revised Code of Washington (RCW), requires a phase-out of copper, asbestos, and several heavy metals from brake friction materials sold or offered for sale in the state. Brakes manufactured after January 1, […]

WAWA Changes its Name

A small, but important, change to our name. WAWA was founded in 1960 as Washington State Automotive Wholesalers Association. In 1972 “State” was dropped from the name of the organization and it has been known as WAWA ever since.  On several occasions over the years a name change had been discussed by the various boards […]

Washington’s Automotive Aftermarket Industry

Summary: The automotive aftermarket industry supplies the products and services that are fundamental to the proper maintenance and repair of passenger cars, minivans, sports cars, pickups, heavy-duty and sport utility vehicles. Our industry manufactures, distributes and sells motor vehicle parts, accessories, service, tools, equipment, materials and supplies. Typically, aftermarket jobs are located in repair shops, […]

Personal car-sharing takes off as states ease insurance laws

  Baby, you can drive my car … for a few bucks. Seeing a business opportunity in millions of cars that sit idle at office parking lots or on weekends, several start-up companies have introduced “peer-to-peer” car-sharing services aimed at matching urban dwellers without cars and car owners looking to make some extra cash. There […]

Why partners need a buy-sell agreement to properly plan for the business’s future

If you’re in business with a partner or partners, what happens if one of you dies, becomes disabled, departs the business or there is a dissolution?   Without a buy-sell agreement in place, the remaining partner could be left in business with a surviving spouse, an unwanted third party who doesn’t know the business, or […]

Employee Handbooks: Who Needs Them?

A well-written handbook provides a cornerstone for positive employer-employee communication, and can be a great tool to ensure that each employee receives the same information, in clear language, about your company’s policies and expectations. A handbook may also offer valuable legal protection if an employee or former employee challenges you in court.    It is […]

News affecting the automotive aftermarket

Learn more about news affecting the automotive aftermarket industry in the AAIA Capital Report: Right to Repair Hits 25 Co-Sponsors CARB Drafting Tighter Vehicle Emissions Standards 12 GOP Senators Would Support Stand-Alone Trade Adjustment Assistance Bill EPA Issues Final Rule on Measures Aimed at Mitigating Misfueling From Use of E15 22 Members of House Encourage […]

Every 863 Years!

This year’s July has 5 Fridays, 5 Saturdays, and 5 Sundays.  This apparently happens once every 823 years.       Use this unique event to plan a sales promotion event.  Plan now to differentiate your business from the competition.   Calendar for July 2011 July   2011 Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat       […]

America’s New Frugality Means Keeping Cars Longer and More Repairs for DIY and DIFM Consumers

The FINANCIAL — Today’s cost-conscious Americans have decided to keep cars longer than they have in the past, which means more repairs and maintenance for do-it-yourself (DIY) or do-it-for-me (DIFM) consumers, according automotive aftermarket market research by The NPD Group, a market research company.         According to NPD’s 2011 Aftermarket Outlook Survey, […]

IRS Releases Draft Form 8941 for Small Business Health Care Tax Credit

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) released a draft version of Form 8941 on Sept. 7. The form is available for small businesses and tax-exempt organizations to use in calculating the small business health care tax credit when filing next year’s tax returns. Small businesses can claim the tax credit as part of the general business […]