Washington Auto Theft Prevention Authority (WATPA) Seeking Board Member

The Washington Auto Theft Prevention Authority (WATPA) is currently seeking interested applicants from the Auto Industry to fill a vacancy on their Board.  WATPA is funded through a legislative allocation each biennium resulting from a $10 surcharge on NOI revenue.  Each $10 surcharge is shared between WATPA, Department of Corrections, and the Department of Juvenile Rehabilitation.

The WATPA Board provides governance of the WATPA funding allocation which generally means oversight of the funding through grant processes.

The WATPA Board typically meets 3 to 5 times per year, normally at the Washington Association of Sheriffs and Police Chiefs (WASPC) Lacey office.  Each meeting generally lasts two hours.  Expenses, e.g. mileage, airfare, hotel if needed, are reimbursed and Board members are eligible for a modest stipend ($100) following attendance at each meeting.  A lunch is served after each meeting.

The Board is comprised of Police Chiefs (2), Sheriffs (2), WSP (1), WASPC (1), Prosecutor (1), member from the auto (1) and insurance industries (1), and a citizen at large (1).  Board members serve four year terms and are appointed by the Governor’s office.

The Auto Industry seat can be held by any owner of an auto/motorcycle related business, dealership, or repair shop.

If any member is interested in applying for the Auto Industry Board position, please apply through the Apply to Serve link and select the Auto Theft Prevention Authority from the drop down menu.

If you would like to get more detailed information you may call Cynthia West, Administrative Assistant, direct Line: 360- 292-7939, fax Line: 360-292-486-2381 or cwest@waspc.org

To learn more about the organization you can also go to the WATPA website.

WATPA Website Link: