Employee Handbooks: Who Needs Them?

A well-written handbook provides a cornerstone for positive employer-employee communication, and can be a great tool to ensure that each employee receives the same information, in clear language, about your company’s policies and expectations. A handbook may also offer valuable legal protection if an employee or former employee challenges you in court.


It is important to avoid creating an employment contract with employees, which is a common mistake employers can make when writing their handbook. Whether you write your handbook yourself, or hire someone else to write it for you, you should always have the final draft reviewed by an employment attorney before distributing it to employees.  It is better to know before a problem arises than after if your policies, procedures or practices are not in compliance or will not hold up in a court of law.


Finally, consider your handbook to be an evolving document and revisit it once a year to keep up with legal changes as well as changes within your company.  


Employee Handbooks are not required by law. However they are an effective way to communicate workplace rules and policies to employees. Even if you are a small employer an employee handbook or employee handout (for very small companies) can be a good idea.


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