Retrospective Rating Program (Group Retro)

WAIA has a special partnership with Retail Association Services that offers our members the opportunity to take advantage of WRA’s Automotive Group Retro Program. Group Retro is a safety incentive program to help you drive down the costs of doing business in Washington. If enrolled in the Group Retro Program, your company could earn back […]


Members of WAIA will receive Federal and State workplace posters that will be replaced when and if needed during the year. The ComplyRight team of experts will monitor federal, state, and local changes and send you updates as soon as they happen, ensuring that your business is always compliant. As a business owner, you know how […]

Federated Insurance Adds Association Member Benefits Page

Federated Insurance strives to provide valuable benefits to association members. To continue giving the best support and guidance, an Association Member Benefits page has been created on our website to provide a helpful overview on what Federated® can offer to help maximize your partnership with us. Offerings include: Take a moment today to explore and utilize this […]

Washington’s minimum wage will hit $16.28 per hour in 2024

Under state law, L&I calculates the minimum wage for the coming year based on the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics’ (BLS) Consumer Price Index for Urban Wage Earners and Clerical Workers (CPI-W). In making the calculation, L&I compares the CPI-W index from August of the previous year to August of the current year. Cities can […]

Coronavirus Information

The following is a series of links to various forms, notices and resources for small businesses in Washington State. There are many sources for the same information, so many of these links will be found elsewhere in different communications you have probably received from other organizations. There doesn’t seem to be a lack of information […]

Automotive Aftermarket Charitable Foundation

Over five decades of caring. One Mission. The AACF, or Automotive Aftermarket Charitable Foundation, was founded in 1959 to assist automotive aftermarket members and their families who, due to catastrophic illness or terrible accident, have exhausted all other available resources in maintaining a reasonable existence. Our Mission – to provide sustainable solutions for those in […]

High-Tech Bay Shortage

“The closing of approximately 50,000 Dealer bays since 2008 has created an unprecedented opportunity for Independent (non-Dealer) repair outlets to fill this high-tech vehicle repair gap.” “The technical complexity of vehicles is increasing exponentially with each model year. Combined with the loss of Dealer bays, this has created a high-tech repair gap. The ability of […]

What Does the Paid Family Leave Act Mean for Your Small Business?

What Does the Paid Family Leave Act Mean for Your Small Business? The Washington Legislature approved the paid family leave program on June 30, 2017 – but now what? What does the Paid Family Leave Act mean for your small business? Full Article    


Promote your business by keeping your name in front of your Customers all year long for just pennies per day! Realizing you have many choices of where to spend your advertising dollars for your annual purchase of calendars, WAIA has put together another terrific program. If you are currently ordering your calendars through WAIA, thank […]

IRS increases mileage rate for 2024

The Internal Revenue Service today issued the 2024 optional standard mileage rates used to calculate the deductible costs of operating an automobile for business, charitable, medical or moving purposes. Beginning on Jan. 1, 2024, the standard mileage rates for the use of a car (also vans, pickups or panel trucks) will be: 67 cents per […]